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Light a candle as a symbol of Christ’s presence in your midst.       

Lord, I have heard of your fame;

I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord.

Renew them in our day.

In our time make them known……. Habakkuk 3 vrs 2

Pray especially this week for the ongoing political struggles with regard to President Zuma.

  • Pray for a peaceful resolution.
  • Pray for a smooth transition.
  • Pray for sanity to prevail on all sides.
  • Pray for God’s Will to be done in our Land.
  • Pray for the return of Morals, Integrity and God’s Values in our nation.

Pray for the Rain for the Western Cape.

  • For people to take the drought seriously.
  • For communities to work together.

‘Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need”.

Hebrews 4 verse 16.




 (Seven Questions HMC study for the week of 5th – 11th February 2018)


ICE BREAKER: Share an experience of an “Ah Hah” moment. What did that means to you and how did it change you or your understanding of something?


FOCUS SCRIPTURE PASSAGE/S: 2 Kings 2:1-12; Psalm 50:1-6; 2 Cor. 4:3-6; Mark 9:2-9

  1. READ: 2 Kings 2:1-12. This is the story of Elijah being taken into heaven and the passing of baton onto Elisha. What do you think could have been the motivation for Elisha’s requests?
  1. READ: Ps 50:1-6. An interesting passage. What are your immediate thoughts when you read this passage? Share with your group.
  1. READ: 2 Cor. 4:3-6. Paul writes that the Good News is revealed to all people, except those who refuse to believe. He goes on to say that Satan’s mission is to deceive and blind the minds of those who don’t believe. What kinds of things do you think Satan uses to blind people to the light of the Good News of Christ?
  1. The focus of Paul’s preaching (witness) was Christ and not himself. In what ways are you introducing others to Christ?
  1. If you read verse 7 Paul says that our power comes from God not from ourselves. Christ’s light shines in our hearts and we experience the glory of God that is seen in the face of Christ. How have you experienced the power of Christ to help you glorify to God’s goodness and faithfulness towards you?


  1. READ: Mark 9:2-9. The Transfiguration of Jesus is a revelation of Christ’s glory and purity. God’s voice affirms that Jesus is exulted above Elijah and Moses as the long awaited Messiah, and his authority and power. What do you think of this explanation?
  1. Scripture is our voice of authority – it tells the love story of God’s redemption towards all of creation. In what ways do your evaluate various forms of authority especially in light of God’s revelation of Christ to us?

NOTE: Prayers for SA & the World are posted on the website. Please encourage your group to pray together about these issues and during their personal devotional time in the week.




(Seven Questions HMC study for the week of 29 January to 4th February 2018)

ICE BREAKER: Share your favourite bible verse or inspirational quote with the group and why it holds such significance for you.

FOCUS SCRIPTURE PASSAGE/S: Psalm 147:1-11; Isaiah 40:21-31; 1 Cor. 9:16-23; Mark 1:29-39

  1. READ: Psalm 147:1-11 together – it’s a beautiful ‘song’ of praise. What phrase or verse captures your attention? Share with your group.
  2. READ: Isaiah 40:21-31 slowly. Again what phrase or verse captures your attention? Are you finding a common theme? Share with your group.
  3. In reference to verse 31, my NLT commentary reads: “Trusting in the Lord is the patient expectation that God will fulfil his promises in his Word and strengthen us to rise above life’s difficulties.” I believe this calls us to believe that we can relax, confident that God’s purposes for us are right. Would you agree or disagree with this statement and why?
  4. READ: Mark 1:29-34. In Mark’s Gospel Jesus helps the women up, in Matthew he takes her hand and in Luke Jesus spoke to the fever. So often we all witness the same event/experience but each recall different details of the story. How can we help each other when we share different perspectives? How can it strengthen our faith and relationship with our Lord?
  5. Look at verse 34 again. What considering Jesus Messiahship and power, why do you think Jesus didn’t want the demons to reveal who he was?
  6. READ: Mark 1:35-39. With so much ministry and healing to be done how would you have responded if you’d found Jesus praying?
  7. How does drawing aside in solitude and prayer prepare you for living out each day and for specific ministry tasks as you fulfil God’s call to that task/ministry?

Prayers for SA & the World are posted on the website. Please encourage your group to pray together about these issues and during their personal devotional time in the week.


Prayer for our country and the world

Light a candle as a symbol of Christ’s presence in your midst.

Lord in Your mercy – we pray for SANITY for everyone in this country and in the world. 

May we be a reflection of Your light before we run around expecting everyone else to be.

Deuteronomy 33:37: ‘The God of old is still your refuge. This God has everlasting arms that can drive out the enemy before you”. What is our enemy? :  Perhaps it is rivalry, personal bondages, pettiness, greed, apathy, laziness, judgement, sin, lack of faith, ignorance, egotism, arrogance, chauvinism, hate. Restore in us the ability to be truly transformed and healed from these traits.


Please pray for:

  • Genuine change from President Zuma. Pray for righteousness to replace brokenness.
  • Text books to be available to all students as quickly as possible.
  • The water crisis in the country – especially in the Cape.
  • Pray that the investigation into the state capture scenario results in justice being served.
  • Pray that all drug busts will result in fewer drugs being available on the street.
  • Pray that the funeral parlour crisis will be averted.
  • Pray for a speedy end to the Syrian war.
  • Continued and successful reform in Zimbabwe
  • That equatorial Guinea will ensure that human rights will never be violated – that human rights and especially the rights of women and children everywhere will never be violated. 

1 Thessalonians 5:23:  “May the God of peace make you ( and our country )whole and holy, may you (and our country) be kept safe in body, heart, and mind, and thus ready for the presence. God has called you and will not fail you.”




COVENANT… Called to Truthful Love


 (Seven Questions HMC study for the week of 22nd – 28th January 2018)

ICE BREAKER:  Think about this – do miracles still happen today? Share your thoughts/experience with the group.

FOCUS SCRIPTURE PASSAGE/S: Mark 1:21-18; Psalm 111, 1 Corinthians 9:16-23

  1. READ: Psalm 111. The Psalmist implores us to delight in God and to ponder upon the deeds of God. Look at these deeds and the promises. Is this our experience and do we praise God for his deeds and promises?
  1. The Psalmist refers twice to God’s Covenant with Israel (see v5 and v9). What does this say to us today about our relationship with God and the call to be people of love, truth and wisdom?
  1. READ: 1 Corinthians 9:16-23. Paul affirms that God has given him sacred trust, and he feels compelled by God to preach the Good News. There’s a strong evangelism emphasis to this passage. In what ways can you be/do you feel called to spread the Good News of Christ?
  1. Paul inculcates (finds common ground) himself into a community in order to bring them to Christ. How have you experienced something similar in your life? If not, in what ways could you do this without losing sight of your faith and obedience to the truth of God?
  1. READ: Mark 1:21-28. Jesus teaches with authority in this passage. Authority can be the demeanour of all people, from the highest ranking officer of the law to the lowliest and simplest person for they too can speak with authority if they embody wisdom, integrity and are compelling. What is your experience of authority and how do you exercise authority, especially in light of your faith?
  1. The unclean spirit knew who Jesus is and the authority that he exuded – immediately discerning the presence of good. Have you had an experience of discernment and how did that play out?
  1. Conflict between Jesus and the religious leaders is recorded quite a lot in Mark’s Gospel. Mis-understandings are a part of life, so how do we overcome these and walk in truth that expresses love and grace towards others in these kinds of situations?

NOTE: Prayers for SA & the World are posted on the website. Please encourage your group to pray together about these issues and during their personal devotional time in the week.



Light a candle as a symbol of Christ’s presence in your midst.


The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life,

The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go,

Both now and forever. (Ps. 121:7-8 NLT)

Give thanks for all positive developments in South Africa and for answered prayer.


Please Pray for:

  • Cyril Ramaphosa – For Godly wisdom in decision making
  • Those involved in state capture to be held accountable and stolen funds recovered
  • Our education system from ECD to Tertiary – that creative solutions and support can be found for all learners and educators.
  • Drought relief in the Western Cape.
  • Wise decisions to be made in government to address the lack of infrastructure in water, sanitation, electricity, roads, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • The many missing children – that they may be found.
  • A spirit of unity amongst all people.

“But now, O Jacob, listen to the Lord who created you. O Israel, the one who formed you says, ‘Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1