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Light a candle as a symbol of Christ’s presence in your midst.

Ephesians 3:16: “I pray that out of His glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being.”

The Lord’s Kingdom is His spiritual reign in the life of the believer. May our spiritual growth increase daily in maturity, obedience, be rooted in love, faithfulness and trust. Please do not spend time and energy in fear, worry and negativity. PRAY; BELIEVE; RECEIVE. God recycles evil into righteousness. Joseph is the epitome of grace when faced with anger and revenge, we too can show grace, trust our Father and PRAY.

We have seen the power of prayer. Let’s not get complacent.

Please pray for:

  • The innocent who are preyed on by scam artists.
  • Pray for the unscrupulous who deliberately sabotage computers or burn buildings or deface walls or perpetrate ID theft.
  • The future elections – we are not yet a stable country. Power game playing is still very evident.
  • Please pray for the unrest in Syria.
  • Give thanks for the many South Africans who achieved success at the Common wealth games.
  • Pray that motorists will desist from using their cell phones while driving.
  • Pray for the NPO’s to have access to necessary funding, help them to be creative in their approach and use of these resources, so that those who need their assistance receive it. May the recipients of these NPO’s also see themselves as participants in resolving their situations.

Think on this…

“Words cannot describe the ‘knowing’ that God is with us and neither can the presence ever be confused or misapprehended when once that visitation comes into one’s room. Oh, I might lay hold of it and live each moment in the realization of this ineffable presence and knowing. It’s in the silence and stillness that God comes. A vacuum is always needed for God to fill – no vacuum, no visitation! We must create a time of no-thing and then wait in stillness.” Norman Shawchuck, A Guide to Prayer For All Who Walk with God, Page 183.



(Seven Questions HMC study for the week of 16TH – 22ND April 2018)


ICE BREAKER: Dolly Parton once said, ‘Find out who you are then do it on purpose.’ What do you think about this statement?


  1. READ: Romans 12:1-8. Do you think or believe that you are a product of God creativity? Why or why not?
  1. How to we discover who we are? Perhaps a place to start is to reflect on what you love doing, or what are you drawn to? Think about this and share it with your group. Affirm each other in your discovery together.
  1. The next thing to consider is, how do you relate to others and to the world? Are you a deep thinker or a feelings person? Are you an introvert or and extrovert? Discuss with your group.
  1. READ verses 6-8 again. READ: 1 Cor. 12:7-11. Can you find yourself (broadly speaking) in any one of those groupings? Can you see yourself enjoying and developing the gifts you’ve been given?
  1. What do you think happens when we deny who we are (refer to verse 3b), or are afraid to explore ourselves and our world, much like one does when travelling – there are exciting things to discover?
  1. Verse 2 speaks about transformation – in this season of Easter in what ways could you embrace, rediscover or sharpen yourself as one who’s created in the image of God so that someone else’s life is touched and transformed?
  1. How can the image of a human body that has diverse parts to it teach us a society to live and work together? What creative things could be done to strengthen us a church, particularly in this time of transition within our society?

For further Reflection:

Let it be

that you will ever

turn yourself Godward.

In clarity

and in confusion,

in distress

and in delight,

may your mind

find it’s home and its rest

in the One whose thoughts

are ever stayed on you.

Jan. L. Richardson, In the Sanctuary of Women – A Guide to Prayer for those who walk with God, Pg. 184.

NOTE: Prayers for SA & the World are posted on the website. Please encourage your group to pray together about these issues and during their personal devotional time in the week.


“So then, if anyone is in Christ, that person is part of the new creation. The old things have gone away, and look, new things have arrived!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

It’s true we live in a world wracked by every kind of discord, but we serve a Great God of Peace. Jesus has shown us how to live as witnesses to God’s way, of living as new creations. We ask Jesus to help us in our prayers as we seek God’s face and trust in the inspiration of the Holy Spirt to guide the words we pray to bring reconciliation where there is division and to act creatively to bring about change.

Please pray for:                              

  • God to raise us nation builders, even in us, that will seek to build rather than tear down. Especially for President Ramaphosa and those in places of leadership.
  • For politicians to speak wisely and honestly and with integrity – it’s not just about gaining votes for upcoming elections. There are real people, with real issues who need hope and assistance.
  • Continue to pray for rain in the Cape – for the drought to break, and careful use of what water is available.
  • Pray for our economy, for a willingness amongst business owners to train interns and pass on skills to others. For FET and skills training centres to be viable so that people learn skills and develop their own businesses.
  • For the scourge of HIV/AIDS – for education in prevention and treatment available, so that no life is lost unnecessarily.
  • That the Church will live into her purpose of extending love, faith and hope and not be a comfortable religious club.
  • Those living in oppression and slavery. We think especially of those caught up in human trafficking. Pray that people will not get caught up in this trap because of the promise of work or living a high life.
  • For those whose potential is lost due to substance abuse, especially children who may be exposed to this by parents or caregivers.

Let our refrain be like that of Joshua’s, “As for me and my household we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15) – May our lives reflect the beauty of the Lord so that others will also see the Light of salvation.




(Seven Questions HMC study for the week of 9 – 15th April 2018)


ICE BREAKER: What does it mean to be a new creation?

FOCUS SCRIPTURE PASSAGE/S: Psalm 24:1-2 and Colossians 1:15-20

  1. READ: Psalm 24:1-2. In view of these words – What do you make of the statement “God is not a Methodist or confined to a church. God made…?”
  1. This is a worship Psalm, a celebratory Psalm. The earth is the Lord’s – Our creator God. God is deeply moved and involved in ALL of life. We share in the divine pattern – what is our (your) concern in ALL of life?
  1. READ: Colossians 1:15-20. Discuss these statement in verse 15 – “Christ is the visible image of the invisible God.”
  1. All of life includes all created things or works of creation. If we look at beautiful architecture, uplifting music, a scientific discovery, medical research, great literature, digital technology, interesting artworks and so on… what does this say to you about our creator God?
  1. God is not only the creator of the world but also the sustainer. In Christ everything is held together, protected and prevented from disintegrating into chaos. How can we emulate this in our Christian faith to build a stronger society?
  1. Can you think of good Christian examples of people who have been concerned for ALL of life and actively engaged in the life of this world?
  1. Gordon Cosby wrote, “We need to be on the edge of our seats waiting and ready to be at work with God.” In John 5:17 Jesus said, “My Father is always working and so am I.” What is your response?

NOTE: Prayers for SA & the World are posted on the website. Please encourage your group to pray together about these issues and during their personal devotional time in the week.