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Tea Helpers

We all enjoy a cup of tea after our Sunday services but without helpers this ministry wouldn’t be possible. We are appealing for helpers to serve tea after our 9:30am service. You would only be required to be on the roster once a month. If you can assist with this special ministry in our church, please contact the office 031 765 49 08


The Creed that Rev. Peter Butterworth shared with the congregation on Sunday:
We believe in God, the Creator!
Maker of everything,
Author of the Universe,
And Mystery behind every matter.
We believe in Jesus Christ!
God from God, Light from Light, true God and true human,
One with the Creator.
He is the Word made flesh and the Savior of all creation!
We believe in the Holy Spirit!
Breath of God moving among us,
One with the Creator and one with Christ,
He is our Guide and the Mentor of all creation!