Discipleship & Grace

(Seven Questions HMC study for the week of 19th – 25th June 2017)

1. READ: Genesis 21:8-21. This is a story of consequences, burden and rejection as an outcast. Share a time in your life when this was the experience of either yourself or someone known to you.

2. What was your (or their) experience of God hearing you where you were?

3. READ Psalm 86:1-10. The first line says “Bend down (incline your ear) O Lord, and hear my prayer.” It’s a plea to God… Prayer and a sense of being heard always involves relationship and attention. The Psalmist’s confident of the right to seek God’s help with the beliefs that God will respond. What do you think about this statement?

4. God is a big picture God and we can certainly see God’s grace at work in the small stories and every day details of our lives. How could we be part of God’s community who hears the voice of those crying in the ‘desert’ and who keeps the promise to protect and nurture those who bear the brunt of an unjust world?

5. READ Matthew 10:24-39. Without the gift of grace and the empowerment of the Spirit, none of us could live up to Jesus’ invitation to discipleship. Does this statement bring you comfort for the mission head? Why or why not?

6. How have you shown God’s love, grace and mercy to others in this past week?

7. READ: Romans 6:1-11. In what ways do you have to die to self in order to experience freedom that is born out of faith in Christ?

Light a candle as a symbol of Christ’s presence in your midst.
The work place – not a church building- is where people spend most of their time. God reveals Himself where people are – during their everyday lives. Abraham and Isaac prospered in the work place. (Genesis 24 and 26) Joseph served God as an administrator. Amos was a sheep breeder and tended trees and Daniel served God as a government official. Turning our world upside down for God is possible. How can you impact the people around you this week?
Please pray for:
· The strengthening of the rand
· The rights of cancer patients at public hospitals
· Bee keepers in Knysna and all over the world
· Gender issues- especially in third world nations

Psalm 40:8 : I desire to do Your will O my God- Your law is within my heart. Psalm 47 is a wonderful tribute of thanks.