Lent #1


 (Seven Questions HMC study for the week of 12th – 18th February 2018)

ICE BREAKER: What was the most life-changing event in your life? What impact did it make on you? Share with your group.

FOCUS SCRIPTURE PASSAGE/S: Genesis 9:8-17; Ps 25:1-10; 1 Peter 3:18-22, Mark 1:9-15

  1. READ: Genesis 9:8-17. Noah stepped off the boat onto an earth devoid of human life, and God gives his promise to reassure that life would be restored, seasons would continue and no flood would ever cover the entire earth again. Share your own stories of God’s faithfulness.
  1. READ: Ps 25:1-10. David asks for God’s guidance. How do we/you receive God’s guidance and how do you put it into practice.
  1. READ: 1 Peter 3:18-22. In what ways/manner do you share your faith with others.
  1. What emphasis do you think Peter is making in terms of our Christian witness and God’s desire for salvation of all people?
  1. Read verse 21 again. The original audience of this letter is Christians facing hardship and persecution. How does the reference to baptism encourage this audience and us today?
  1. READ: Mark 1:9-15. Why do you think Jesus was baptised? How would it or does it make Jesus real to us?
  1. What visible signs do you think there are today that affirm and/or convince us of the presence of God in our world and in our lives? At the beginning of the Lent season – what within you needs to be cleansed to bring renewal and restoration?

NOTE: Prayers for SA & the World are posted on the website. Please encourage your group to pray together about these issues and during their personal devotional time in the week.