Light a candle as a symbol of Christ’s presence in your midst.

Prayer for our country and the world during Holy Week: 26 Mar – 1 Apr 2018

John 19:7

The Jewish leaders insisted, “We have a law, and according to that law he must die, because he claimed to be the Son of God.”

Isaiah 25:9-10a

In that day the people will proclaim,
“This is our God!
    We trusted in him, and he saved us!
This is the Lord, in whom we trusted.
    Let us rejoice in the salvation he brings!”
10 For the Lord’s hand of blessing will rest on Jerusalem. (NLT)

During Holy Week we are following a theme that focusses on issues pertinent to the national narrative holding these against the thought in from John 19:7 “We have a law” and countered by why Jesus came. These very issues are among many reasons for what sent Jesus to the cross so that we can experience God’s love, grace and mercy. As Christians we cannot ignore matters pertinent to our community and the challenge is always what is our response as we seek Christ’s face in all of them:

 Following the theme that we’ve set for Holy Week please pray for:

  • The care and protection for and of women. Women were an important part of Jesus ministry. Many women find themselves in places of desolation, poverty, abuse, human-trafficking, prostitution, lack of education, struggling to provide for their children and extended family and so much more. These situations are not always of their making.
  • The children of our world, nation and community are perhaps the most vulnerable of all people, and open to all kinds of abuse and exploitation. Your example of embracing children shows us how much you value children. Help us to do the same and to speak out against practices that hurt and disempower children.
  • There are moments when we experience betrayal, injustice and denialism within ourselves and from others in society. Pray against all forms of manipulation and breaking of trust. Help us to respond with love and respect, even towards those who hurt us.
  • High on the national narrative is the issue of land ownership. We remember Jesus who has no home to call his own. This is a complex issue that runs deep and has the potential to rip this nation apart. Pray for wise leadership and for all people to exercise restraint so that all people experience God’s economy of enough.
  • There is much misuse of power, manipulation and protection of culture or tradition over truth. We are tempted to self-preserve and shut God out. Forgive us Lord. Restore us and help us to let go, to trust and remember that your love runs deep and your power is mightier than any other. On Friday our hearts may be heavy, but Sunday is coming, and we rejoice in this hope that conquers all fear and doubt.
  • Pray for those who spread the Gospel message of Christ throughout the world on Easter Sunday. Pray for a change of heart in those who may scoff at this message. We trust that the Word of God never returns to us void. We are a new creation in Christ able to love and serve in different ways to share our faith, hope and love in a broken world. Give us courage always and everywhere to share this message.


John 20:18 “Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord” – and that he had said these things to her.”