Seven Questions – BRING LIFE – 1 JULY 2018

ICE BREAKER: Have you experienced a significant period of time in your life, particularly an extended one? Share this experience with your group.

1. Our scripture passage focuses on a young girl aged 12 who suddenly dies; a woman who’s suffered for 12 years. What does twelve years mean to you now, in your
testimony of living, dying, healing, grieving, being faithful, and hoping for new life?

2. We have a vibrant and growing children and youth ministry at HMC. The number 12 is probably a significant one for many of these young people. Some may feel that
they’re entering a new season as they move from pre-teen to teens. Or they may feel that they don’t know what lies ahead this challenges their faith. How important
do you feel it is for the wider HMC family to embrace our young people (and their parents), to be part of their faith journey that breathes new life in them and
grows their faith even more?

3. In both these circumstances Jesus is more than a healer. Jesus acts out of love and compassion. He embraces and blesses both for their faith… Jesus healing is more
than physical, it’s more than a magical or medicinal touch – it’s a life changing encounter. Have you ever felt desperate, a bit like your back is up against the
wall? What changed to bring you to the place you are now?

4. To continue…In what circumstances or experiences has a scripture breathed new life into you? Has something ever happened that either overshadows or disappoints and
which has led to questions about your faith? Have you overcome this, and if so how?

5. Think of the woman who’d lived in pain for 12 years and for Jairus who’d lost his precious daughter. What drove them to seek God? Have you experienced a touch of
God’s healing hands that have restored you in a specific way?

6. Jesus brings life through his children. In what ways do you see or hear of life being restored to our world and country through the Church?

7. How do we help others to move from the shadow of shame, desperation and heartache to a place of hope and assurance in Christ to receive and experience new life?