Life Group Questions – 3 Sept to 9 Sept 2018

Dear followers of Christ,

Appended below are some questions related to my message “Make your life count”. I pray they will engender fruitful discussion in your groups. Blessings, Ernie.

Bible passages: Ecclesiastes 11:1-6; Philippians 1:3-11

Question 1: Share when you last paid someone a compliment. What led to this and what did you say? Do you find it easy or difficult to pay compliments and how do you respond when someone compliments you?

Question 2: What for you is the crux of King Solomon’s message in the Ecclesiastes passage?

Question 3: “We are people with a purpose – known intimately by the God who created us and and by Jesus Christ who offered His life for us”
Explain how this statement applies to you?

Question 4: Refer to Philippians 1:6 – What, in your opinion, is the “good work” that Christ has begun in you? Share how you give expression to this and how you might encourage others in their Christian walk.

Question 5: Paul prayed that the Christians might be pure and blameless until the day of Christ (v. 10 NIV). Christian behaviour can at times appear abrasive and off-putting which causes others to stumble, either in their search for salvation, or, in their personal growth towards Christian maturity. In what ways do you make your life count for God whilst also defending the Gospel?