Prayer for South Africa: 22 – 28 October 2018

Prayer for the week…

“Strengthen the feeble hands,
steady the knees that give way;
4 say to those with fearful hearts,
“Be strong, do not fear;
your God will come,
he will come with vengeance;
with divine retribution
he will come to save you.”

Isaiah 35 vrs 3 – 4

This week’s prayers –

• Pray for the victims of the Khayelitsha fire
• Pray for hospitals that are mismanaged, lacking essential equipment and medicines that are needed to save lives
• Pray for the elderly people in our country, for their health and safety
• Continue to pray for God to shine his Light on all corruption and for swift action to be taken for the removal of these people from government and the civil service
• Pray for all Christians in South Africa to pray for healing in our land (especially with the Its Time on 27 October in mind)