HARVEST FESTIVAL – Sunday 15 September

We are so grateful for all the wonderful food that we have already received for our Harvest Festival services this Sunday – THANK YOU! But please do keep the donations coming in so that we can provide nutritious food boxes for many families and organisations in need. 
At the moment we are receiving non-perishable items and then on Friday 13 September we will gladly receive all the fresh fruit and veg. 

Special Visitors This Sunday – The Wesley Guild of our Circuit

We’ll be welcoming special visitors to our services this Communion Sunday, 4 August,  the Wesley Guild of our Circuit will be joining us to tell us about the convention that they will be hosting for approximately 1500 young people later this year.
As part of their fundraising campaign for the convention, they will be selling umbrellas on Sunday. It’s the perfect opportunity to buy a new umbrella just in time for the rainy season in spring and a wonderful opportunity to support young people doing great work in our circuit. 

Four Views on Hell – A New Course Presented by Rev. Peter Crundwell

Reverend Peter Crundwell will be presenting a new 5-week course, FOUR VIEWS ON HELL, starting next Thursday 8 August at 9am.

For the first week the course will take place in the church and thereafter meeting each Thursday in the hall.

Anyone who would like to attend, kindly leave your name on the clipboard on the hospitality table outside the church after Sunday services or contact the office.

Herewith a brief outline of the course:

Down through the centuries Christians have always had a variety of ways of understanding the idea of hell. In this course we will be looking at four of these views and sharing our own thoughts on this important matter.

 8 August        THE LITERAL VIEW. Hell is literal, painful, everlasting punishment for the unbeliever.

15 August      THE METAPHORICAL VIEW. The pictures of hell are not taken literally but as symbolic of God’s final judgement on unbelief.

22 August      THE PURGATORIAL VIEW. Hell is seen as a cleansing experience when sins are judged, and punishment inflicted. Many are restored to a place of grace.

29 August      THE CONDITIONAL VIEW. This view lessens the severity and extent of hell. Hell is either temporary or redemptive with the wicked being redeemed and restored.

5 September FINAL DISCUSSION and a few other views.

Join a Life Group

Would you like to join one of our many Life Groups for weekly fellowship and Bible study? We have Life Groups that meet on every day of the week at a variety of times throughout the day, as well as some evening groups. If you’re interested in joining a Life Group please contact the office or leave your details on the clipboard on the hospitality table after Sunday services.

Church Burglary

As you may be aware, our church suffered a terrible loss on the night of Sunday 7 July, when the contents of our sound desk at the back of the church were stolen, including the sound desk, microphones, computer, monitors and associated equipment. Although we are insured, there will be a substantial shortfall on this equipment that we will have to pay. As a result of this burglary we are also in the process of upgrading security in and around the church. This is impacting our finances heavily. We have set up a BURGLARY FUND and we would be so grateful for donations to assist us with replacing this vital equipment and upgrading our security.

THANK YOU – Winter Warmth Collection

Thank you so much for all the items that were donated for this year’s Winter Warmth Collection. We were able to provide warm and cosy clothing and blankets to so many people through the following organisations: