We’re getting ready for Harvest Festival this Sunday, let’s fill our church with food for those in need!
You are welcome to deliver non-perishable foods to the church throughout this week and we would really appreciate donations of fresh produce on FRIDAY 14 SEPT.
Food can also be brought to church this Sunday. We look forward to seeing the beautiful display of food that Jane Henstock and her team will create.


“Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things” Ephesians 4 verse 8

Please pray for the following this week:

• Pray that all South Africans will notice the good things that are happening in the country, pray we will stay positive despite what we are hearing, pray that we can have faith in God
• Thank God for the rain
• Pray for the land issue, for clarity as to how this will be done
• Pray for our police force, for an end to corruption and bribes and for proper policing
• Continue to pray for our leaders, for the wisdom to turn our economy around and pray against a full-blown recession.


“Jesus replied, “I Tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, “go throw yourself into the sea, and it will be done . If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer” Mathew 21 vrs 21

Please pray for the following this week

• Pray for parents of children who have disappeared, and for the children.
• Continue to pray for the state capture enquiry, that it will proceed with speed and be finalised and resolved quicker than planned, so we can move forward as a country
• Pray for protection for all our farmers, for an end to farm attacks and miraculous resolutions to the land issue
• Pray for our hospitals, for staff to be dedicated, for corruption to stop so good health care can be provided and resources provided.
• Continue to pray for our leaders, for the wisdom to turn our economy around.

Life Group Questions – 3 Sept to 9 Sept 2018

Dear followers of Christ,

Appended below are some questions related to my message “Make your life count”. I pray they will engender fruitful discussion in your groups. Blessings, Ernie.

Bible passages: Ecclesiastes 11:1-6; Philippians 1:3-11

Question 1: Share when you last paid someone a compliment. What led to this and what did you say? Do you find it easy or difficult to pay compliments and how do you respond when someone compliments you?

Question 2: What for you is the crux of King Solomon’s message in the Ecclesiastes passage?

Question 3: “We are people with a purpose – known intimately by the God who created us and and by Jesus Christ who offered His life for us”
Explain how this statement applies to you?

Question 4: Refer to Philippians 1:6 – What, in your opinion, is the “good work” that Christ has begun in you? Share how you give expression to this and how you might encourage others in their Christian walk.

Question 5: Paul prayed that the Christians might be pure and blameless until the day of Christ (v. 10 NIV). Christian behaviour can at times appear abrasive and off-putting which causes others to stumble, either in their search for salvation, or, in their personal growth towards Christian maturity. In what ways do you make your life count for God whilst also defending the Gospel?


(Seven Questions HMC study for the week of 20th to 26th August 2018)

FOCUS SCRIPTURE PASSAGE/S: Luke 5:1-11; Matthew 6:25-34; Hebrews 11:1-3 and
2 Corinthians 4:7-18

A wonderful collection of verses that will lead us into some interesting discussions about Keeping on and staying the course of faith because even though circumstances may remain the same we can embrace a different response and outcome because of Jesus.

1. READ: Luke 5:1-11. Jesus takes everyday familiar things and uses them to teach us about God and about ourselves. The fishermen are washing their nets after a fruitless night of fishing. Jesus tells them to go out again to the deep waters and to let out their nets again. We know this well in our own lives, we keep walking a familiar path and receive similar results. What are these familiar paths for you right now?

2. What can you do to hear Jesus voice directing you in this similar path, but which will require a different response from you? What do you hope the result will be?

3. READ: Matthew 6:25-34. Worry… we’ve all done it. Jesus says that worry will not add anything positive to our lives. What kinds of emotions and responses does worry evoke in you?

4. We will have concerns in our lives – this the nature of living the in the world that we do. In verses 33-34 Jesus offers us an alternative to worrying. Read it again and look at Hebrews 11:1-3. Remember we looking at our lives with the same circumstance but desiring a different response & result, so what can you do differently when you’re faced with a challenge or a concern?

5. READ: 2 Corinthians 4:7-18. A beautiful passage on persevering through faith. Paul writes that we are like clay jars with treasure within. What do you think that treasure is?

6. In verse 13 Paul refers to the “same spirit of faith”. How does knowing that the Spirit of God that is in Jesus, that is now within you, help you to persevere and to keep at your walk of faith so that God is glorified through your life and witness into the world?

7. Life is often about managing the curved balls thrown at us – these are often the circumstances that shape and mould us the most. They evoke a response in us. Look at verses 16-17 again. What comfort can you take from these verses? Share a time, if you haven’t already done so, that your faith was refined and strengthened through a time of trial. In the context of HMC, with all the changes that have taken place this year, what will persevering in faith mean for this community and how can we stay the course so that God is glorified through it all?